Fire Investigation Task Force- FITF


Under the direction of the Sonoma County Fire Chiefs and a sub-section of the Fire Prevention officers with over 50 fire investigation personnel can assist with all fire agencies in Sonoma County.


Under the responsibility of the FITF Coordinator meetings are held in a centralized location. Task force members from neighboring counties including the state investigators participate in quarterly meetings. These meeting provide staff training and allow the sharing of resources.


Fire Investigation Classes are sponsored by FITF to allow all fire agencies to have coordinated training, under professional instructors. Many classes are certified and instructed to the NFPA Standard 921.


Fire Investigators are available when needed. It is the decision of the Investigator of Record to decide the number of investigators need to the scene to assist in the cause and determination.


Per California Fire Code:


CFC 104.10 Fire investigations.
The fire code official, the fire department or other responsible authority shall have the authority to investigate the cause, origin and circumstances of any fire, explosion or other hazardous condition. Information that could be related to trade secrets or processes shall not be made part of the public record except as directed by a court of law.

104.10.1 Assistance from other agencies.
Police and other enforcement agencies shall have authority to render necessary assistance in the investigation of fires when requested to do so.


Health and Safety Code:


H&S 14841. 

The chief or ranking officer of every fire company shall inquire into the cause of, and keep a record of, every fire occurring in the town.


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