The Discussion Page for the Sonoma County Fire Chiefs Association is hosted by Google (using "Google Groups"). Particpation in the discussion is voluntary and is limited to members of the Sonoma County Fire Chiefs Association. 

Initiating membership / participation in the discussion group requires 2 steps; 

1. The one-time creation of a "Google Account."  

a. If you do not already have a Google Account, go to and click on the "sign-in" link in the upper right hand corner to be transferrred to the "sign-in" page.  Just below the sign-in area of the page is a link to Create an Account Now.   You will be promted to enter your email address and a password to create your acount.

b. If you already have a Google Account - you must be signed in to participate.

2. Use the link below to "sign-in" and request a one-time invitation.    


After you have created a Google Account (or signed in with your existing account) and accepted the one-time invitation you will be able to create and respond to discussion topics.  NOTE:  You need to be "signed-in" each time you visit the discussion page (the sign-in link will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the Chiefs Discussion page). 

Click on the link below to be transferred to the Sonoma County Fire Chiefs Discussion page.  Don't forget to Sign-In.


  If you still have trouble and need help  - send email contact



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