Hands Only CPR
Save Lives Sonoma is a multi-agency initiative involving a diverse group of emergency healthcare professionals with the goal of improving sudden cardiac arrest survival in Sonoma County through community hands-only CPR training, free of charge. Recent advancements in the understanding of cardiac arrest have raised awareness of the importance of bystander CPR for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. ...In light of these advancements in understanding, and the success other communities around the United States have had in increasing the survival rate of cardiac arrest from efforts to train members of the public in CPR, the local EMS community has made a commitment to Sonoma County residents to increase the number of community members trained in hands-only CPR, with the goal in mind to have CPR become a universal skill of the residents of Sonoma County. It was with this commitment that the Save Lives Sonoma initiative took shape. The primary goal of Save Lives Sonoma is the training of members of the community to perform hands-only CPR, as well as to increase awareness of the importance of bystander CPR and use of AEDs for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Many people's experience with CPR involves a course lasting many hours with fairly complex sets of instructions and decision that need to be made in a split second rega...rding what a bystander should do to help someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. While this type of CPR training is certainly valuable, many people are unable to commit the time and money necessary to undergo these training programs. As a result, there are potentially hundreds of thousands of Sonoma County residents who are willing to help a victim of cardiac arrest, but unfortunately lack even the most basic training to do so. The "hands-only" CPR taught by Save Lives Sonoma is not a substitute for traditional CPR training. The focus of "hands-only" CPR is the delivery of effective chest compressions to the victims of cardiac arrest. Overwhelming medical evidence tells us that the single most important aspect to effective CPR is chest compressions. Hands-only CPR is not meant to replace traditional CPR training, but meant to make the most important aspect of that training as widely available as possible to members of the public. By conducting hands-only CPR training in groups, in public and free-of-charge, we have seen great success with getting members of the community to become engaged in learning, and in turn teaching, this valuable skill. Here's the link to the FB page: http://www.facebook.com/savelivessonoma#!/savelivessonoma?sk=info

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